Kakadu Plum – An Australian super fruit!

If you haven’t heard already the Australian Kakadu Plum (also known as Gubinge and Madoor) has set a new benchmark for superfood. It is the world’s highest source of natural vitamin C with more than 50 times the vitamin C concentration found in oranges!

This unique fruit grows wild in the remote northern and northwestern areas of Australia. It has adapted over thousands of years to store vital phyto-compounds needed to survive severe climatic conditions such as extreme heat, UV exposure, droughts, floods and high winds.

For centuries the Kakadu Plum has been an important food and medicinal source for the Australian Aboriginal people due to its incredible nutritional and healing properties.

When I first heard about the Kakadu Plum (roughly 10 years ago) I remember thinking “wow it’s exciting that we have this amazing fruit in this country that has so many health benefits!”. For several years the plum has been processed to powder form for oral consumption and more recently the extract has been added to skin care and cosmetic products. It was clear to me after extensive research on skin care ingredients that the Kakadu Plum and other Australian native plant species would form the foundation of the OSKYN brand.

We use a cellular Kakadu Plum extract in our range that delivers natural, active and stable Vitamin C for the first time. This has previously been unachievable due to the highly unstable nature of the Vitamin C molecule which quickly dissipates in solutions or when exposed to air. The beauty industry has had to rely on synthetically produced stable Vitamin C, which is inferior in beneficial activity to its natural counterpart. Vitamin C is essential for the growth and repair of tissue across the human body. It is not produced in the body or skin and therefore must be orally or topically applied. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the synthesis of collagen, an important anti-ageing protein responsible for the skin’s health, firmness and elasticity.

The Kakadu Plum also has powerful antioxidant properties that provide protection against oxidative stress caused by free radicals – a contributing factor to ageing skin.

The phenolic compounds in the Kakadu Plum such as gallic and ellagic acids are known to have strong anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antimicrobial properties.

The certified organic cellular Kakadu Plum extract we use in our products provides all the benefits of the plum as it exists in nature. So why would you not want this amazing ingredient in your skin care products!?

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