Is Your Beauty Routine Kind To Animals?

We love animals at Oskyn.

We’d never test on them and don’t believe any animal should lose its life in our quest for great skin or the perfect lipstick.

Millions of animals like guinea pigs, mice and rabbits die every year in testing experiments for the sake of human beauty. It’s a cruel, ugly and totally unnecessary part of the beauty industry that goes on behind closed doors of beauty brands around the globe.

Here’s why we believe choosing ethical beauty matters.

What is animal testing?


A couple of clicks around  PETA’s website and if you weren’t aware pain animals go through in testing, you soon will be. It’s shocking stuff.  

When it comes to the cosmetic and skincare industry, the most common types of tests animals are subjected to include skin and eye irritation tests. Bunnies have chemicals dripped into their eyes or rubbed onto shaved patches of skin to look for reactions. “Lethal dose” tests are still practised too, animals are force-fed chemicals to determine what quantities result in death.

For brands who test on animals, these types of experiments are standard practice. Other brands choose to have their products tested on animals to stick to local laws in the country they’re importing too – like China. This means some companies who did have a cruelty-free status revoke this so they can sell products into international markets.

What does cruelty-free mean?


A product is only truly cruelty-free if the product and its ingredients have never been tested on animals.

There are two Australian NGOS which certify companies as being cruelty-free: Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Australia.

Because accreditation is voluntary, there are Aussie brands which are cruelty-free but don’t appear on any of the official lists of cruelty-free brands put out by these organisations.

It’s always important to do your own independent research into a brand’s manufacturing and testing practices if you’re unsure about where they stand on animal testing. Knowledge is key when it comes to shopping cruelty-free.

What are the alternatives to animal testing?


It’s crazy to think we put our furry friends through the pain of laboratory experiments when animal testing isn’t actually necessary.

There are safe, alternatives methods that are not only completely animal free, but can be even more effective than animal testing. Cosmetic and skincare formulations and ingredients can be tested using options like in-vitro method, computer simulations or tested on actual humans!

There’s also a HUGE list of ingredients (thousands and thousands of them) that are already approved safe for human use. This means skincare and cosmetic brands have all these ingredients to choose from when creating new formulations, without needing to put animals through the pain of testing new ingredients.

One of the main reasons brands still test on animals is to come up with a new ‘miracle’ ingredient for an ‘improved’ formula.

Cruelty-free beauty explodes


The good news? The cruelty-free beauty movement has exploded in recent years. The plight of our gentle animal friends has been exposed through global campaigns and many of us are choosing to spend our beauty budget more consciously.

In fact, 85% of Australians oppose the testing of cosmetics on animals and as of February 2019, The Australian government passed the Industrial Chemical Charges Bill 2017 banning cosmetic animal testing in Australia.

According to the official press release,

“The Australian Government has committed to 11 substantial reinforcing measures to ensure that all cosmetic ingredients are captured by the ban, together with funding to support the development and uptake of modern non-animal test methods. The bill also includes measures to prohibit reliance on new animal test data for chemicals introduced into Australia for use as ingredients in cosmetics.”

The ban will come into effect from July 1, 2020. Australia will join a growing list of countries who have taken a stand against animal testing.

Swapping your skincare stash for more ethical options doesn’t need to be as overwhelming as it might seem. Take it a step at a time and try different products until you find which ones work for you.

We all have the opportunity to shop with our hearts, not just our heads. Every time we choose a beauty product free from animal testing, we  stand up for our gentle friends trapped in labs and say ‘Animal testing is NOT ok!’

Does ‘not tested on animals’ play a role in your decision making when it comes to skincare and cosmetics?

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