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Founder's Note

For many years I have been a user of natural and organic skincare products. I have always been on the lookout for products that tick all the boxes for me in terms of certified organic and natural content, efficacy, innovation, sensory appeal, safety and non-irritating or non-sensitizing ingredients. I was never fully satisfied with any particular brand or product as there was always something I wanted to change about it or add to it. This brought me to the idea of creating my own brand encompassing all of these qualities.   Hence OSKYN was born.

During the initial and extensive research and development phase I discovered the amazing, unique and powerful properties of Australian native botanicals. I also discovered that the extraction method makes a big difference to the amount and quality of the phytonutrients extracted from the plant. We incorporate native extracts derived from the latest “cellular” extraction technologies in our formulations. This advanced cellular extraction method has for the first time been able to harness the powerful phyto-active compounds from within the cell wall of unique potent plant species and suspend them in a matrix that mimics their natural environment, allowing them to remain stable (as they are in nature) ready to deliver the activity when it is applied to the skin. We are proud to say that the phyto-active compounds of our native Australian extracts are evidenced by scientific and clinical data.

I hope you enjoy using our products as much as I do.



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